Canterbury Tales: Analysis of the Narrator | March 11, 2010

NOTE: This is my analysis of the narrator in “The Canterbury Tales”. I did this essay my senior year in high school.

          The narrator, is not talked about, or tells a story. He is like a blank page, there is not much to say about him. There is not any real evidence about him to discern anything. He is a faceless character to me. How could I even start to make a guess to if I think he’s telling the truth or being sucked into the stories, I can’t. This leaves me with a dilemma. I would have to guess.

          I would if I had to guess, say the narrator is doing it from 3rd person perspective, that he isn’t even really in the story even though it makes it sound he is. He is in it but isn’t, it’s kind of hard to explain that last statement, you’ll just have to try to get what I mean. I find it difficult to try to sort out the narrator’s identity with the information given.

          The narrator is, by what I would usually assume by common sense, is he’s really not in the story but, as in a book, in the 3rd person, has someone who is telling the story but isn’t a character and has virtually nothing to do with the story but tell it. The narrator to me is an impartial, level-headed, all-knowing person who, since is impartial, and not of the story, doesn’t have a bias and doesn’t twist the story or lean it in any direction, except to create drama and suspense.

          That is the job of narrators in story, as for this one, it’s harder to tell and I don’t know what’s the narrator’s angle in all this. And how it really gets twisted because even with the little information and evidence there is, its easy to see that the narrator is a complicated character. So I don’t know how to write who this character is, but I can go with what I felt this character is based on my common sense, my logic, and knowledge of narrators.


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