Prom cancelled because of Lesbian | March 12, 2010

From a yahoo! article about a prom being cancelled I read: “The ACLU said the district not letting McMillen wear a tuxedo violated her free expression rights.”

Now, I’m extremely sorry, just as in the Lindsay Lohan blog entry, that I have to write about such petty things of current events. I really don’t like writing editorial style pieces. But this is something I always had a problem with.

Groups that fight for rights are also complaining about how they’re rights are getting violated. But that’s liberty. Liberty is rights with limitations. Those limitations are in place so that bad things won’t happen. But people are starting to get annoyed with limitations. I believe that’s brought around by the current generation and the technology is also breeding this type of attitude. “That we can do anything, and you’re free to do anything”; which is partially true, but left as that statement alone, is wrong, and it gets to people’s head and they start to really want to do, literally, what they want. And people are so sensitive to what they want and complain if they don’t get it. We have, as a nation become complainers, who complain until we get what we want, and we live by a double standard, one standard for us, and another standard for everyone else that does not see it that way.

The double standard is we can do or get whatever we want, but in this world, as economics teaches us, we can’t have it all. So we whine til we get it, but to others, they can’t have it. We claim “its our right” to do whatever we see right in our eyes. But everyone has a different view. So it doesn’t work that way.

Liberty is a fleeting luxury. Those limitations, believe it or not, are a good thing. But culture is telling us different. History tells us that liberty is good, but culture tells us that we should be able to whatever we want. People are being programmed to believe, and they’re sensitive of it. We have to have a moral and ethical system in place to be able to see the lines between good restrictions and infringement of rights. But when religion gets taken out of the picture, the moral and ethical lines leave, or at least unable to be seen; this then lets us, with our imperfect understanding and our naturally evil selfish ways, are going to draw those lines however we see fit. But there again lies another problem: everyone does not agree with everyone.

This is where people complain til they get they’re way. We are really lost as a country, in this new age of culture. The modern philosophies of life that are drilled into people’s head through the internet and tv and such seem to have it wrong. Its teaching us we don’t need laws, that we should be able to do what we want because we are free. But are we really free? We are held back by our understanding and our views, these natural limit us, so we must have limits to control ourselves, because we are getting more and more out of control.

This quote that is above is an example of this “complaining”, for what they think are their rights and an example of how people are blurring the lines between what they want, and what is a need, among other things.

Now onto the quote. How did it violate her free expression? For example, if I decided to go to a prom, and I wanted to wear a white tee, would it be justifiable that I complain that it’s violating my right to free expression because they won’t let me go? No, it is because it is not a violation of free expression, I could wear a white tee as a showing of my free expression anywhere public, not there. Not there because there are dress codes to make prom a certain way. These restrictions on what to wear give prom a certain something that makes it prom. Without those restrictions, just as in life and culture, they are needed to uphold a certain standard. This is the reason why liberty is such a good thing, and the quote is an example of why liberty is being seen as a bad thing.

I, personally do not agree with gay marriage for a number of reasons. But my opinion aside, still the way they argue their rights is the same as the way I find fault with the abuse and condemning of liberty here, (Also, I am not bringing up gay marriage rights because of the yahoo! article, i do bring it up because it furthers my argument of how groups are skewing the definition of rights and liberties in this country. It is merely a coincidence).

Now, whether I’m for or against gay marriage, that does not matter, but how they fight for their rights however, isn’t right. Now to illustrate my point. For example, if I really loved a dog, and it loved me back, because we share a bond, known the dog for a long time and we always spend time together. I am in love with this dog sincerely, is it my right to marry the dog? I could fight that it is my right because it is not hurting anyone else, or anything of the sort? That is how gay marriage backers are arguing it, that they aren’t hurting anyone and they are truly in love. Does the relationship between the man and the dog have no validity just the same? They fit the same criteria. This is the point I am making, that rights can mean anything, and that there has to be a standard. That people cannot just complain and have their way. There has to be sensible limits and restrictions to life and culture.

Now, anyone one reading this may read it that this may be an attack against gay people and it may be a little twisted for me putting in a man/dog relationship. But if you look at the argument critically, and as purely hypothetical illustrations, it is not some sick tirade against anyone, just for the upholding of liberty. I love America, but to me, people just seem selfish.

I love liberty, but people just don’t see it as good anymore, for what it truly is. This issue is not an infringement of freedom of expression, and I really don’t like how people use the rights stated in the constitution so broadly.

The prom being cancelled altogether however, which is actually the title of the post(Which, I barely wrote about directly in the post), may seem to me a bit of a stretch. I do not completely know the situation, and know even less about the town, but I would just enforce the dress code and that’s it.

Here’s the Yahoo! full article link:


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