Pleasantries of Business | March 18, 2010

     One thing I always had a problem with was the way people would thank you for something that is expected from you whether you like it or not. The rhetorical questions or statements that give you the illusion that you actually have a choice. They do it only to be nice and give a more welcome feel and to make you feel like what you feel matters.

     One example is when you call a business and they are busy, they “ask” you to hold. But your response makes you feel like they are interested in your time and well-being but it only makes the illusion of that, and to respond, we naturally say “yes”, because it is nice and socially the right thing to do. Or, if there is a mix-up or a misunderstanding that causes something to go wrong with whatever, at the end, they write or say “Thank you for understanding”. I recently caught myself doing that when e-mailing a paper to my teacher a day late. i wrote that exact quote. And this bothered me, because that statement is all but a lie, and I only did it to be personable. I work as a hotel desk clerk too, and i find myself using the business lingo of these phrases often, especially when on the phone and I get another call. But these phrases aren’t really that much of a problem in business, because it does make consumers feel more personal and cared for, but if feels like it rolls over into normal life. That the “business” mindset that treats everyone the same while making them feel unique, strips the real personality away from interactions and gives the illusion of care; and that creates a wall between people, only making it worse.

     We need to get back to a real, personal person, instead of the so-fresh-and-clean suit and tie we have become as a society. We need to stop making those pleasant rhetorical questions that are basically just lies. Business-mindsets don’t belong in life, just in work. And being fake shouldn’t exist at all. Don’t be nice to earn the extra buck, be nice just because you genuinely feel it. Thats something we ‘re losing, the ability to be genuine.

     I plan to be as honest and genuine as I can from now on, I hope you do to. Its something that needs changing.


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