Octogenerians fight over lottery ticket | March 25, 2010

What is this world coming to? We have octogenarian sisters fighting over a lottery ticket.

     The story is that 84-year-old Teresa Sikitas is suing her 87-year-old sister Rose for a 500,000 dollar lottery ticket. This seems to me a little stupid. They are really old, and when I get that old, I hope I don’t worry that much about money, and to the least fight with my brothers over it, much less take them to court.

     I don’t really worry that much about money now, but then again, if it were half a million dollars it might be a different story. This is pitiful and petty; has “A Christmas Carol” taught us nothing? This isn’t something that should be happening. Human nature is sad like this sometimes. What happened to “love your neighbor as yourself”? And these are sister, and they should be worried less about money and more about cherishing and living life, enjoying what they have left. And from my experience age should give you so much life experience that being on earth this long should give you a better understanding of life, and it should be more than this. I know I’m young, but I think I know better than that.

     What people are capable of on such a low level doesn’t surprise me anymore, and that’s what makes me mad and a little sad, that it ISN’T surprising to see something like this. I am justified to expect a higher level of decency and appreciation of life they clearly don’t show, as I should be. I shouldn’t get used to being let down by humanity. This is ridiculous on so many levels. I hope when I’m that old I won’t have any grudges and i won’t be suing family members.

     The economy’s must be doing a number on us to be feuding over money like this…

     -Only been in this place a little while, but I know it takes more than age for a man to truly grow.                                      -John Reuben


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