“The Wolfman” Critical Review | April 22, 2010

     MY MANY APOLOGIES. I realize that my first real post was an “Escape from Reality” Critical review, and I whole-heartedly intended on following it with many more to come consistently and regularly. But life, however, made it difficult to write the more serious pieces that took more thought to not only come up with but to create and word how I want to. Those much more deep-thinking pieces that are more lengthy and were much richer in content. I do apologize. that is the reason why I brought John in as an author, and why I created the “In Process” category. So I could use earlier work never posted anywhere and post them. I know my audience, or lack thereof, is limited and consistent readers I doubt if I have any, but I still thank anyone who may read this blog or happen to stumble across it and even glance at it. So this entry is shorter and not as much depth as I would like it, but the movie didn’t spark that “deep thinking” that I would write about, but I saw enough to justify a post. And I watched this movie about the same time as “Avatar”< so forgive me, for I am certain I will forget key points I had in my mind at that point in time; I plan to re-watch it because it is a very good movie(I personally like Benicio Del Toro as an actor) and also to edit this post in the future.

     ANYWAY, now on to the review.

     The first theme I remember, which was the most important, if I recall correctly, was the contrast between Benicio(The protagonist) and Anthony Hopkins(The antagonist and Benicio’s Father). The story played out where Benicio on the road, he was an actor apart of a traveling theater, and his brother died, mauled to death. He visited his father, and his hometown. The legend of the wolfman was there, and benicio heard stories. While investigating and at a gypsy camp, he had a run-in with it, and was chased down by a nearly impossibly fast and strong, and stealthy creature. But when it was chasing down Benicio(or might’ve been Benicio was chasing the wolfman), he was bitten by it. Which then ever the full moon came out he would turn. Later our protagonist finds out his father was the original wolfman. Which he decided to fight and kill taming the inner beast to kill the original evil.

     The contrast is how Hopkins and Del Toro took it. Hopkins tried for a long time to keep the beast in and tried to stop it from coming out, and had a bodyguard/butler to help him contain it every full moon. But later, Hopkins finds that he likes it. He likes this wild, animalistic side that in a way empowers him. And he takes his blood lust selfishly. he only thinks of how much he likes it and gives in to its power, which leads a trail of destruction that ends up killing his mother and then his son, which leads to the beginning of the movie. Del Toro, however, no matter how much he was persecuted and hunted when they found him to be the wolfman, and no matter how much he told them he didn’t want this “curse” and that he fought off trying to give in, he still stayed ultimately good. This is where each of the wolfmen branch off. Benicio was more selfless and pure hearted, where Hopkins was ruthless, and a loner, who thought very mechanically. It is very funny how this contrast and battle was between father and son.

     The whole mood of the movie was very dark, dreary and gloomy. I think this was to illustrate how life is, on a more emotional level. That life isn’t very pretty. But Benicio was a happy man on the outside but I could tell he seemed like a lonely person on the inside. Which this contrast that was in himself was very key to his battle between good in evil in himself. This provided a more broken and real character.

     The true battle in the movie wasn’t between Benicio and the world or Benicio and his father. It was an inner battle. A symbolic battle between the uncivilized, very barbaric and animalistic sin and need for power, versus the good. In the end Benicio had to be killed to kill off the “sin”, the evil which was manifested through the wolfman. It is a statement saying we can only hold that side of ourselves off, but it’ll always be a fight that will go on in ourselves until death. And Benicio won out, even though it may not have looked like it.

     (When i refer to benicio or Hopkins I don’t refer to the person but the character they are playing in the movie, which I have to say, personally, was acted extremely well. Also, I know this isn’t much, and I have so many more things about the movie I would like to say, but I don’t want to do it from memory. So there will be an edited version of this in the future.)


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