And I Wonder… | September 30, 2010

I haven’t posted in months because I’ve been extremely tired and busy. I have been writing though, always writing on my laptop. I might post some of those little personal essays on mine on this blog.

But anyway, I checked my blog after all these months, and my blog hits skyrocketed this month for some reason. I’m taking stats right now, so my mind is being honed to know how to interpret them, and on top of that I see myself as a decently observant and logical person.

And I realized that I posted old High School English essays on my blog. And school started a a month or two ago. So I think people are stealing my work.

I never want to profit off it (outside a grade for the work), but I never wanted  my papers to be plagiarized.

My personal opinion is that people should work for themselves, and reap their own rewards. But I will not stop people from doing what they do, or complain and do nothing about it (If i do complain, I’ll do something about it).

If that’s a life you want to live, you live it (I am not condoning bad lifestyle choices however).

I speak out against what is morally wrong and refuse to condone evil and/or bad things, but in the end, the choice is up to the person how they hold themselves.

So hopefully all those people who do Google “Beowulf” or anything else I have here will not plagiarise, but utilize; that they would not copy and paste but they would get ideas and concepts.

Thank You.

“We were born to embrace not accept it.”         -NEEDTOBREATHE


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