I am the Author of ISOMD’s blog. I am new to blogging, because I keep journals with just about anything I think of or want to know more about. So I decided to write a blogg just the same I write in my journals. I have been on Earth a relatively short time, so don’t take everything I write as an expert opinion, as I don’t know too much, in my opinion. My journey is a journey of understanding, ultimately, not to preach, but to learn.

     My blogs are completely free-hand. I write a few notes of what I should write about, but what I actually write about, the detail of it, and the structure, are completely spontaneous as I write. So don’t critique me too hard on my writing skills, focus more on the content. I would call myself an amatuer, in many respects of writing and many things pertaining to that. Its not really a matter of a love to write, but a love of thinking critically. But I soon forget as I always occupy myself with other things, I get distracted easily and in my opinion a lazy person. Thats why I never structure what I write. Anyway, that passion for thought gives me the will to write, because its not my writing I’m trying to convey, but my thoughts. My thoughts however, get sidetracked to other thoughts as they come up, and I lose the original subject really easi8ly, writing gives me structure for my thinking and also it gives me the power to recall my thoughts and think clearer. And writing i have found to be theraputic, and also makes thinking much more efficient. So I write. And because all it does, I love writing, but not for writing.

     Also, I am an amatuer, in my opinion, even in how I present my thoughts. But that matters to me little. I encourage a great deal of criticism. I love constructive criticism. I enjoy your replys to anything and everything that will improve myself.


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